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The Final Production out of San Pedro’s own Jungle Studio

Jungle Music Productions has relocated within the San Bernardino National Forest community of Crestline, California

The Final Production out of San Pedro’s own Jungle Studio consists of slide show photos collection with O’Briens own music setting the back drop. Photos derive from many years of shared moments within the studio walls and that magical environment shared by Shane O’Brien and his closest and dearest friends. His collective of musical friends consists of Local and National Touring Acts. What all had in common is their music shared while creating with The Genuine One. 26 original CD’s is nothing short of an experience felt by a relative few in the music world. Sure there are the “big guys” who may have about as much diversified recorded music in their catalogs, so what does that make O’Brien then? A big guy too? You betcha…

“In The Big City” Shane O’Brien authored this track as he has many others. This is a particularly favored piece and a perfect way to close the Jungle Studio doors in San Pedro and forge ahead to a new studio being built in Crestline, CA

Bonus Insight:
Here are two good samples of O’Briens Edge music. “Pink Noise” ©2005 also included to this bonus insight is of one of the five Cover Tracks a listener may find within the 26 CD’s Shane has recorded. An song originally written by Paul Butterfield titled “In My Own Dream

Ironworkers and Performing Artists _ A combination that is Shane O’Brien

A Reflection of who is Shane O’Brien
For years the solid influences of being one with my Union Ironworkers Brother-in, has instilled within me discipline, loyalty, and a level of encouragement within us of ourselves, It was not long after my beginning days working in the field (The Vincent Thomas Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project 1997-2000), that a level of confidence had developed in recognizing who we are (as one) and  what we stand for, through our committed values of what we produce every day. And don’t you know this influence had also affected the music written, produced and performed by myself and each of the bands I’ve participated with for the past 20 years too. As a matter of record, my very first album, a limited release by Shane O’Brien [From CYC to CD ©1999] had been created with the monies earned as an apprentice Ironworker, as were the following 25 other CD’s since. The latest CD being titled “An Acoustic Jungle Tradition 1983-2013” ©2013.

During our apprenticeship program, a bond between many attending students of our trade often develop, which may possibly last for the rest of our lives. Here’s a good example of what I am referring to:
Derick Shannon was a fellow apprentice in my classes, of which we graduated at the same time as well (1997-2000 Los Angeles, CA). I don’t believe we  have worked on the same jobs since but once for a short period with Eagle Iron at the Pasadena Convention Center.

With the creation of Facebook we have re-Kindled our connections with each other and often share little windows into what ever job we find ourselves involved with, by sharing pictures of any particular day. At this time Derick is a Production Welder for Shuff Iron Erectors working Downtown Los Angeles on the new 74 story going up. He had posted a few great photos he captured before or after work, during lunches or in between welds,

What follows is a downtown Los Angeles photo  by Derick Shannon, JIW Local 433, Taken early in the morning prior to work start. 2nd up is a video capture from the newest “working floor”, floor number 53 _ Oct 2015, and 20 more floors to go. Lastly, action from the working floor featuring the Raising Gang doing comfortably what they do every day. This video was made available by my dear friend, JIW Frank Montoya Local 433

First off, let’s see how Derick’s days are beginning these days:

Another gorgeous start of my working day
Another gorgeous start of my working day

This Second offering  is a video Capture from Union Ironworker Brother Carlos Sanchez-pleites

Lastly, the next video was provided by JIW and long time Friend
Frank Montoya Local 433
Love the imagery and the music is perfect for it too…


If I’m mistaken regarding who supplied this video, then I only apologize for the mistaken identity and lay claim to how cool I know this video clip is…
This is a good Southern California Jam Night/Open Mic resource for those musicians wanting to spread their musical wings and participate with other music lovers in this district.
Follows the rules of sign ups and definitely be the part you portray with courtesy and patience. This will get you the experiences of playing in some real cool venues and alongside of some good God talented musicians too…

Here’s a poster advertising a San Diego Quality Jam Event
Oct 2015

Jam Night at House of Blues San Diego, CA
Jam Night at House of Blues San Diego, CA