Country Girl ©2000 (3:18)

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By: Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions

I’m going down now, to my country

The little country that i have in my head

Where the air is clean yeah, yeah

The people don’t have two faces, that’s what I said

They look you right straight in the eye

And mean everything that they just said

I’m going back to the little country

Right in my mind babe, country in my head, yeah

I’m going down to the river, down to the banks

Bring my guitar and a bottle of wine

That’s right, that’s what I said yeah!

Meet a few friends, play a little blues baby

Maybe lie a little, ‘bout the things I’ve lived and seen through

Kick’s my head back now. never have to worry

Never have to worry about anything I said now

Going back to the little country right down in my mind babe

The little country in my head yeah

Maybe see the little girl

The little girl I left some years ago behind

We tore apart now, we had ways

We had our own agenda now, and our peace of mind baby

But I never look back now

And worry about the things I’ve said and done now that’s right

I’m going back to the little country

Right in my mind babe, right in my head now

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