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Coming Home to San Pedro is Alway a treat

Coming home to “Peedro” after a couple weeks in The San Bernardino National Forest, at the Southern tip of The Sierra Nevada’s, and up The Mountain Highway 18 at it’s first little Township called Crestline, which is where we have been putting together to new revamped Jungle Studio. We’ll have a couple of gigs to play in the Harbor Area and hit the Ironworkers Local 433 Hall as well.

Some of the photos of the work being under taken in Crestline as of yesterday, the day before our Presidential Election Day!

New Studio Home for O'Briens Edge
The Jungle Studio Crestline







Walking a Fine Line by Shane O’Brien_Preview New Song for 2016 CD Release this fall

Walking A Fine Line

Get ready, for a new CD from The Genuine One this Fall 2016

Walking a Fine Line by Shane O’Brien
A single track from the new CD being produced
tentatively titled “Crestline” which is targeted for
Publishing the Winter 2016. Sometime Before Christmas.

No doubt this down and dirty selection, keeps Shane closer to his  Blues influences .
A Solo Acoustic Guitar_Vocal piece in which he tells it just like it is, through his singing tone and his delivery without any ambiguity.

“Walking a fine line, and you know it’s true, ’cause every word I say to you, is true baby… you’re walking a fine line”…

A second preview we share “When It Rains” [c]2000 by Shane O’Brien is the music behind the Slide Show type photo presentation of an Iron Structure being erected in the Port of Los Angeles, Berth 142, for TraPac. It is the Crane Maintenance Building at the TraPac Container Terminal. A good way of featuring both the musical and craftsmen sides of Shane O’Brien