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– This is where you are kept up to date with what’s going on with the band. Where we are performing, and updates regarding new releases. Also comments to our latest blog post can be applied here.

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Listen to this Mp3 title “The Genuine One”
which is track No.11 from the Shane O’Brien CD titled
King Me, Baby ©2001

The Genuine One

The mere fact of sharing that most personal song “The Genuine One” is like
publicly exposing up of myself a Pandora’s Box of emotions.
I believe that most sensible Men wouldn’t consciously do such a personal thing
The Artist in me can’t and won’t help himself in not sharing such personal things
So that being said, if you happen to have the abilities to
play this Mp3 at a decent volume and find yourself alone
Then don’t be shy, go ahead play it at that decent volume
do it a couple times till you actually hear the words
Or until you hear the words mix with the guitar
Ok now, doesn’t that remind you of something within your world somewhere?

Note from Shane:
“Isn’t it funny, now that you have got the gist of “The Genuine One”
That you have to get to here to find it and everything
About all this is clear to see now?”
“Imagine what that’s like for 24 CD’s of the same sharing
in the gamut of emotions we all experience in our live’s?
For me it’s important to do this sharing thing
and not even care about a single dime.
I feel that how it does help me so much
That if it also helps one single some one else out there
Then all this music has become is a pocket full of soul to share
For that I will never worry about a pocket full of gold either
Thanks for the ear and hearing it as it’s meant to be”
“The Genuine One”

– The Bio menu includes:

– A brief Artist history with  Local and International media reviews . There also you will find News regarding Award Shows past and current, relations with TV and Radio for interviews, as well as the most current information regarding current CD/DVD Releases, and special public appearances relating to contributions we support such as Veterans Assist programs and Volunteers of note. A quality down-loadable Marquee Head Shot is provided as well as all contact information to Personal Management, Record Label and the Media Publicist representing Shane O’Brien in California

– The Music menu

– Contains a music player loaded with every full length track from the two  most current CD releases from Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge – 22 tracks all and a bonus 23rd track not available on any record

– The Lyric menu

– Hit on either Album button to open any Song lyric for all 22 tracks. Also note instructions to hear the music and read the lyric at the same time

– The Video menu

– Contains three live filmed recordings of gigs throughout Southern California, including the “What’s up with that” video which proceeds from DVD sales at Tour Stop Cities do go to the Benefit of the Homeless Veterans Initiative in that city throughout the USA

– The Photo menu

– 140 down-loadable still photos with captions, circa 1979 to 2010, or use the Slide Show App located at the bottom of the photo page for viewing images while listening to the music player in another tab

– The Store menu:

– Available here for purchase are: Two Award Show Nominated CD’s

as well as  Two DVD’s

From Shane O’Brien and O’Briens edge

All CD’s contain well thought out color booklets filled with information such as

Photos, special notes, artwork and every lyric to every song

1) The Genuine One©2007

  • · South Bay Music Awards nomination: Guitarist of the year 2007 and Artist Group of the year 2007
  • · All Access Music Awards nomination: Guitarist of the year 2007

2) Acoustic, Raw and Real©2009

  • · Los Angeles Music Awards nomination: Acoustic Album of the Year 2009

3) Over The Edge ©2010 A unique CD/DVD Packaged Set

4) What’s up with that? ©2010

– DVD containing both Studio and Live versions of this tribute song

Proceeds benefit American Veterans Assist Program.

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– Sign up and join our mailing list to access the official Shane O’Brien fan base community and get the inside information to special offers and everything Shane

– The Memorandum For 5 menu:

– Shane pays homage to five musicians in O’Briens Edge’s history and development.

Something respectfully intended for family and Friends


Open this web site using two tabs.

1. Open 1st TAB to access music the player in the “MUSIC” menu. Choose song


2. Open the 2nd Tab to access the “Lyric” menu. Choose an album to open.

Hit on any song title to open the lyric page.

3. Go back and forth within both tabs and match song playing and lyric to read

So, that’s one tab for the Music and a 2nd tab for the Lyrics. Enjoy!


Album Credits:

Acoustic, Raw and Real (c)2009 (p)2009 JMproductions

Tracks 1 through 10: All songs written by Shane B. O’Brien

Except :
Track No.7 “Love That Woman” (c)2000
Bo Bo Jenkins and Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions
Track No.9 “Holding on to my memories” (c)2009
Nancy Kirouac and Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions

Cover Photo by: Shane O’Brien

The Genuine One (c)2007 (p)2009 JMProductions

Tracks 11 through 22 All songs written by Shane B. O’Brien

Track No.3 “Be True To Yourself” (c)2007
Ken Olson and Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions
Track No.4 “Think This One Over” (c)2007
Hoopa Johnny C. Ricker and Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions
Track No.6 “Love That Woman” (c)2000
Bo Bo Jenkins and Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions

Cover photo by: Slobodan Dimitrov

Web Site home page photo by: Ray Carofano


Links Recommended by Shane O’Brien:

World Class Photographers

►Slobodan Dimitrov Photography

Ray Carofano Photography

Gil Garcetti Photography

Dan Grigor Video Productions

Sponsors & Endorsements

Carruthers Guitars

Sound Kings Amplifier Repairs

Scott James Web Designs

Edward Lapple Director

Over a thirty year career, Edward Lapple has produced, directed or edited more than 200 TV shows and 25,000 commercials, and has won six regional Emmys as well as two Associated Press awards. He currently runs his own studio, Video General in Fillmore, California.

His essay originally appeared in the newsletter of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Television Association (ITVA).


Since 2005 O’Brien has CD nominations to Award Shows for the last 7yrs

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

Media Contact:

OBRIENSEDGE.COM ©2012, ℗2012 Shane O’Brien/Jungle Music Productions
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Made in the U.S.A.

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