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Southland-based blues singer-songwriter/guitarist Shane O’Brien

Currently known as the “Genuine One”

Shane O’Brien has been Writing/Recording, Producing/Performing in the Southland as well as across the USA and Canada for the past 26+ years. For most of the better part of ¾’s of those years his music of choice to share with his always receptive fan, family and friends is his own music.

From the very start O’Brien wrote, “That’s The Way” at the tender age of sixteen, which he still performs live today (mostly by audience requests). Shane O’Brien writes songs that relate to individual life experiences. Those good, bad and yes, even the worst of the ugly times that O’Brien has experienced. The kind of things most everyday folks have too, but don’t really care to publicly share. Shy of what others may think, Shane reaches down deep inside to quash this need to get it out. Resulting in a variety of emotions lyrically delivered, and he does just that, deliver. Many who have experience Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge “live”, or acquired any one of the 24 CD’s Shane has written/recorded, have written letters or placed phone calls to Shane’s studio in San Pedro, California. These letters are frequently found framed and mounted on the walls of that studio, which is known locally as The Jungle Studio.





The Genuine One

{c}2009 Shane O’Brien, {p}2009 JMProductions

Acoustic, Raw and Real

[c}2010 Shane O’Brien, {p}2010 JMProductions


“That is where the magic happens…” a quote by Bassist, Sammy Persons, former O’Briens Edge family member.

Each album is packed with music and words of tales many listeners have claimed as their own. “He wrote that song for me…” “I have had that said to me countless number times anywhere I have played or contained in messages sent to me” as described by this Artist.  His music forms a signature sound in your ears and inevitably, right down in your heart. Contained within Shane’s music is the real stuff that we all know and live through ourselves… not fantasy, the real stuff. It’s not too much of stretch to understand why Shane O’Brien titled The O’Briens Edge CD released early this year as being

The Genuine One” {c}2007, ℗2009.

"THE GENUINE ONE CD" by "Shane O'Brien"
Photo by: Slobodan Dimitrov

Tom Branson respected Editor of WWW.BLUESROCKERS.WS (December 2005):

“Canadian-born Shane O’Brien is a San Pedro, California-based singer/songwriter/guitarist whose work is reminiscent of a time when musicians were regular working class people armed with only an instrument of choice and something of substance to say…” It Goes On To Say:“O’Brien’s approach to music is raw and honest; simple and straight-forward; genuine and emotional, which I would guess mirrors his approach to life in general.  By day, he is a Union Ironworker (Local 433, Los Angeles) rubbing elbows with America at the very ground level.  By night, he is somewhat of an urban troubadour traveling from place to place with guitar in hand and songs about life in his heart.  This is American rock music performed by someone to whom a lot of Americans should identify.”


Gentleman (c)2000 by Shane O’Brien

All Access Magazine Music Awards 2005 Nomination Shane O'Brien in 2 catagories"
All Access Magazine Music Awards 2005 Nominations:
– Blues Group/Artist of the year 2005
– Guitarist of the Year
"All Access Magazine Music Awards 2006 two Nominations for Shane O'Brien"
All Access Magazine Music Awards 2006 two Nominations:
– Blues Group/Artist of the year
– Guitarist of the Year






All Access Magazine Music Awards 2006 Nomination for Shane O'Brien
All Access Magazine Music Awards 2007 Nomination
-Guitarist of the Year
South Bay Music Awards 2007 Two Nominations for Shane O'Brien
South Bay Music Awards 2007 Two Nominations
– Blues Group/Artist of the year
– Guitarist of the Year






"South Bay Music Awards 2007 Two Nominations for Shane O'Brien"
South Bay Music Awards 2007 Two Nominations
– Blues Group/Artist of the year
– Guitarist of the Year
"19th Los Angeles Music Awards 2009 Nomination for Shane O'Brien"
19th Los Angeles Music Awards 2009 Nomination
-Acoustic Album of the Year


Every Studio has a Wish List for Something


We have been recording our brand of Rock/Blues/Acoustic Folk type of music here in this humble little studio since 1999. Starting from the truly extra raw and real sounds captured via a Ghetto Blaster with a built in Microphone recording to cassette tape, which is how the original version of “Boy Toy” (That Acoustic Rendition) was recorded. Then is about 2000 we made a big advance to a four track system still using a cassette tape for a medium to capture audio. That kind of a set up enabled us to actually record two albums worth of original songs. Actually, it was very inspirational to have everyone involved at that time listen to our just recorded themes ans lyrics, it gave us the urge to push on and create more music. “Don’t Let Me Down” is a good sample f what that Porta Four provided for Shane to recorded a cool idea. Then came the ADAT’s and Digital Mediums of today.
I have a few friends who have done sessions at Ocean Way Studios in Santa Monica and all have told me about the wonderful professional experiences each of them had. Then today, another friend of mine who engineer’s a studio in Carmel, California, sent to me a few video clips of non other than, Ocean Way produced recording products. Universal Audio is the product lines actual company name… That was it, the tipping point has occurred in regards to a new immediate future goal of upgrades to the little place we call The Jungle. These are real cool and informative recording gear tips, recording tech tips and more to view…


What a perfect set up the Apollo based DAW is for Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge to get

another blast of creative writing inspiration to record one more album…


"Acoustic Solo _ Dont Let Me Down"
Acoustic Solo _ Dont Let Me Down
"20th Los Angeles Music Awards 2010 Nomination for Shane O'Brien"
20th Los Angeles Music Awards 2010 Nomination
-Blues and Roots Group of the year






Click HERE to download Shane’s full bio.

"Shane O'Brien Press Kit Head Shot"
“Shane O’Brien Press Kit Head Shot”







Since 2005 O’Brien has CD nominations to Award Shows for the last 7yrs

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Booking Los Angeles Contact: Jungle Music Productions, P. O. Box 1668, San Pedro, CA. 90733

“The Jungle” tel. (310) 832-2430

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

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