Shane O’Brien annual New Year’s Eve Show 2016 The Devil’s Kitchen

The Devil’s Kitchen ©2000 Shane O’Brien

Shane O’Brien annual New Year’s Eve Show 2016
The Devil’s Kitchen. The piece was originally written in 2000 by O’Brien and was included as track 2 of his third CD released titled “Jammin’ on Land” ©2001.

The 2016 show added to the O’Briens Edge alumni membership:
Andy Walo – guitar/vocal
Willy Andresco – bass guitar
Carl J. Bittman – drums

A little something extra to gaze thru

Re: our CD from 2003 by Shane O’Brien

From The Jungle To The Zoo

From The Jungle To The Zoo (c) 2003 includes 11 tracks. Some of the tracks are a little longer than the 3 minutes and 30 seconds standard radio ready length expected. These are great one of a kind jams. The title comes from Shane leaving the Jungle Studio everyday to go to work (as a Ironworker) constructing an L.A. Zoo exhibit, therefore the CD title came to be true…

Here’s The CD Cover: “From the Jungle to the Zoo”
Track 2 Titled: “Reflection of You and I”



And here are the Lyrics:

Reflections of You and I ©2012
By Shane O’Brien

Whatever that gang club is out down there?
Yeah whatever that gang is, what is that ah!
Rancho San Pedro, that’s what they are yeah, yeah!
Part of the Young Guys, the Young Crowd and all that sh**
You know man. We’ll give a ’em a little Latino flavored love, ah, hah!
I don’t really see you gone baby
I don’t really see you, see you gone away
But I know now, it’s just costing me another day
I don’t really think it baby. I don’t think it really matters no more
Who’s right or wrong, or where to go
I really don’t think it matters baby. Um! It don’t matter no more
Um, um, now! Um, um, alright!
Every time, every time I open my eyes
Every time now, I get scared about the thunder and the rain
That’s pouring’ in my heart for you baby. Feel it!
I’ve been thinking about baby, about taking you to Mexico
I’ve been thinking about now, little darlin’, about taking you to Mexico
They got a little Tequila down there, and I know
It’s a little, little juice for the mind yeah, yeah
And you’ll never ever recall. Oh no!
You’ll never ever recall, which way to go
Just don’t know, don’t know, don’t, don’t, don’t. Ah, yeah
It don’t really matter now, really, it don’t matter if you love me anymore
Yeah, yeah man
And if you think now, it don’t, don’t affect you
And if you think now, it don’t really, really, really affect you baby
Just turn around, just turn around, turn around
Look at yourself now, yeah! Yeah! Just look at yourself now
What do you see, is a reflection of me?
A little of you and a little of me now!
And a little of you and a little of me yeah!
A little of you and a little me here babe, it’s just a little of you

When it Rains by Shane O’Brien 2016 featuring photos of Iron Erected at the Port of L A

Published on Sep 20, 2016

When it Rains by Shane O’Brien 2016

featuring photos of Iron Erected at the Port of L A.

When it Rains” by Shane O’Brien is the soundtrack for this video/slideshow highlighting the changing environments in the Ports of America. The Ports are heading down that road of becoming fully automated. This presentation features the “Crane Maintenance Building2016 which is to service the fully automated ground vehicles, which is the self contained delivery vehicle receiving cargo shipping containers from the over head cargo cranes, for delivery to a line of gantry cranes on wheels. Those Gantry Cranes load these containers to awaiting trucks, like the big rig trucks you see everywhere on the roads today, as they are making container deliveries to our big warehouse type stores. This building is where the maintenance happens for the Automated Ground Vehicles.
In the not too distant future, no persons will be needed to off load Super Sized Container Ships except the actual container crane operator and the “Lashing Gang” from the Longies in our Ports.
The song itself has nothing to do with the construction site or the crew, but, and I repeat “But”, it might have something to do with that construction crew after all…
By Golly, it is written and performed by… The Ironworker foreman in the gang erecting this building belonging to the Port of Los Angeles . “When it Rains” (c)2000 Shane O’Brien; is simply a song really enjoyed by Shane O’Brien, going way back to when it was first written by this performer in 2000. The Union Ironworkers featured in this video are from Local 433 Los Angeles, CA. The Contractor is Metro Builders and Engineers Inc. from Orange County, California

Before leaving this page check out Shane playing live at the Desert Room, Gardena, California

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