Ironworker by Day and Bluesman at Night, Shane O’Brien

High Steel” Video of old school Ironworker life

Ironworker by Day and Bluesman at Night, Shane O’Brien It’s not for everybody but it sure is everything to Shane O’Brien. Pride in working high every day and being able to come down to the Blues Music he writes and Performs Live at night.

Shane O’Brien and his band O’Briens Edge

Another one time special Posting Re: “Sights and Sounds from Shane O’Brien”

Here is a collection of web links of which anyone can find Shane O’Brien in a variety of entertaining formats such as video, Audio and Interview Broadcasts settings:
1. The main Soundclick Audio link

2. A great Video Site for Shane O’Brien

3. Shane at ReverbNation

4. O’BRIENS EDGE at Sounclick for additional audio

5. Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge on Facebook

Noteworthyness Charts Rankings at ReverbNation and

Today Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge is Ranked No.4 in Los Angeles area on “ReverbNation

Also on the charts belonging to “

Shane O’Brien 2014_2015 Live Video Uploads New Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland

"Shane and the Flag_Thunder Run 2007"
Video General Bakersfield Thunder Run 2007

Shane O’Brien posting featuring Video clips from recent road trips, and a treasured audio clip from an early O’Briens Edge CD catalog inclusion titled “It’s Too Late” of the Disc titled “King Me, Baby” (c)2001

A Special Nod of recognition to a Key O’Briens Edge Member Jimmy Solo since 1999

Jimmy Solo was such a wonderful Musical Partner and encouraging friend to me, Shane O’Brien.
It is only natural to think of the wonderful times shared in studio and in life.
Think track is titled “It’s Too Late” (c)2001 from the “King Me, Baby” CD (c) & (p) Jungle Music Productions.

It is part of one of the earliest CD productions in the Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge catalog of published music.
About a thousand copies of this CD printed and distributed.
The key musicians who participated on this track are:
Shane O’Brien on Guitar and Vocal
Jimmy Solo on Keyboards and Vocal
Nancy Villalobos on Background Vocal
There is another recording of “It’s Too Late” included to the CD titled “Two Cuts Too Close” (c)2003
To that recording we are joined by talented Drummer and Vocalist Butch Azevedo

Shane O'Brien Music, Photos, Videos and Stories behind the creation of some songs too