The Final Production out of San Pedro’s own Jungle Studio

Jungle Music Productions has relocated within the San Bernardino National Forest community of Crestline, California

The Final Production out of San Pedro’s own Jungle Studio consists of slide show photos collection with O’Briens own music setting the back drop. Photos derive from many years of shared moments within the studio walls and that magical environment shared by Shane O’Brien and his closest and dearest friends. His collective of musical friends consists of Local and National Touring Acts. What all had in common is their music shared while creating with The Genuine One. 26 original CD’s is nothing short of an experience felt by a relative few in the music world. Sure there are the “big guys” who may have about as much diversified recorded music in their catalogs, so what does that make O’Brien then? A big guy too? You betcha…

“In The Big City” Shane O’Brien authored this track as he has many others. This is a particularly favored piece and a perfect way to close the Jungle Studio doors in San Pedro and forge ahead to a new studio being built in Crestline, CA

Bonus Insight:
Here are two good samples of O’Briens Edge music. “Pink Noise” ©2005 also included to this bonus insight is of one of the five Cover Tracks a listener may find within the 26 CD’s Shane has recorded. An song originally written by Paul Butterfield titled “In My Own Dream

Shane O’Brien playing to his own Namesake, The Genuine One

Shane O’Brien Playin’ his song titled “The Genuine One


Shane O’Brien Playin’ to his own namesake refers to a song he had written about a decade ago in the early 2000’s. The first album version is part of the album titled “King Me, Baby” ©2003 by Shane O’Brien. K.M.B. was pressed into Disc in 2003 of which about 1,000 copies were distributed. A truly limited release which lasted a couple of weeks before they were all distributed. More would had been made, but at that time O’Brien was on a writing terror, creating all the new tracks for another release of that year titled “She Love’s Me Not” ©2003.

This rendition of “The Genuine One” is a Solo 12’ve String Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Performance recorded in 2013 as part of the CD titled “A Jungle Acoustic Tradition 1983-2013” ©2013.
This CD features Shane O’Brien performing Solo unplugged performances of some songs written from a 30 year long collection of his own created music archives.

Here’s a cool track from that 2013 CD,it’s titled The Genuine One


A Jungle Studio Acoustic Tradition 1983-2013” ©2013
A Jungle Studio Acoustic Tradition 1983-2013” ©2013

A recent road trip to the Detroit/Windsor area created a photo opp that brung back a time in the past of which Shane was a member of a Canadian group called “The Polaris Project“. This was his last Canadian group with their last gig being a performance at Windsor’s then rocking venue, Danny’s Canadian Tavern. There are photos of that show still floating around but it takes a good search to find them.
The last time we found some was at a reservation desk at a hertz rent a car establishment in Windsor. The reservation agent had a photo album containing a good amount of photos from the ‘ event.       Shane found out about these photo treasures when he was renting a car during a scheduled gig in the area some fifteen years after that Danny’s Tavern gig. After the rental agreement for the car was signed, the agent noticed a certain familiarity upon reviewing the signatures and promptly ask O’Brien if he would be interested in purchasing some extra insurance for the weekend car rental. Which he turned down since insurance came with the rental anyway. Sill the agent persisted with a second offer for Shane to consider adding extra insurance strongly suggested by agent fora measly ten or fifteen bucks.
At this time he chose to support his strongly advised suggestion by pulling out from underneath the counter his prized old photo album which contained photos in chronological order of that 15 years ago gig. As it happens, the guitar Shane was playing was a Gibson Les Paul that just so happened to get engulfed in a raging amount of flames. Shane looked at all of these shots in a bit of a shock and with a shade of misplaced glow about him. No extra insurance was purchased either…

Here’s two separate photos

taken at the very same location

only 35 years apart.


Trivia Question:

Look closely at the following CD Cover Titled

“Solid Gold Treasure Chest” Disc 1

Shame, Shame, Shame Blues Band was the name of Shane O'Brien's band prior to the switch to "OBrien's Edge"
Shame, Shame, Shame Blues Band was the name of Shane O’Brien’s band prior to the switch to “OBrien’s Edge”

You may notice that there are two members of this group that currently hold Union Books for Local 433 Union Ironworkers.

Can you name them?

Here’s a link to a fun song. It was a blast recording this little Diddy. Tony Sena and Shane O’Brien just let all preconceived notion of what is normally accepted for a recording session with no expectations of of any kind other than a time of shared musical excitements for about 5 min and a little more…

Shane O'Brien Music, Photos, Videos and Stories behind the songs too

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