Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge Music Videos are what you will find on this page as well as video by other artists who have by the development of their craft from beginning to where ever each stand today, all contributed influential changes and growth in Shane’s path of learning and writing music followed up by recording and performing his original song for all as well.
These Artist Video examples are to found at the bottom half of this page.
This is an update to this O’Brien’s web site’s video menu. The first example listed is:
Sixto Rodriguez  and the song is Searching for Sugar Man


Shane O’Brien Video files uploaded at You Tube are at YOUTUBE.COM/SSSJUNGLE

February 26th 2013 The Jungle Studio host a impromptu recording session.
This night features 2 members of a Band who is well known in the
Los Angeles Punk scene and has been as such for years as well
Randy Stodola and Paula O’Rourke of the Alley Cats recorded four tracks with Shane O’Brien.
Two of their original songs and two of O’Brien’s original songs.
This presentation is Shane O’Brien’s track titled “Boy Toy”

Please feel free to check ’em out for yourself. It’s Fun Man…

Here is one such new one for viewing now

April 23rd 2012 featuring Guitarist Todd Tragar joining Shane O’Brien
in performing “It’s Safe To Be You” ©2011 Shane O’Brien


Next is a song I wrote a couple of years ago and recorded a 2011 live performance .

Title:      Close To You ©2011 Shane O’Brien


It’s My Own Fault Baby by B B King

Live Performance Band Members are: Ed Callen -Vocal, Jerry Buttera -Drums

Teo Manzella -Bass Guitar, Mike Bailey -Guitar, Field Monroe -Guitar

Shane O’Brien -Guitar

Video captured May 6th 2012 during a musical memorial for Sandra R. held on the Band shell at Point Fermin Park, San Pedro, California




You Upset Me Baby by B B King

Live Performance Band Members are: Jerry Buttera -Drums, Teo Manzella -Bass Guitar,

Mike Bailey -Guitar, Field Monroe -Guitar, Shane O’Brien -Guitar

Video captured May 6th 2012 during a musical memorial for Sandra R. held on the Band shell

at Point Fermin Park, San Pedro, California


What’s up with that ©2009, ℗2012 Shane O’Brien/Jungle Music Productions

Actually this rendition is Stage 2 in the songs video development.

Produced by Shane O’Brien with immeasurable and superb quality assistance from:

Dan Grigor, Idealogical Productions, Lake Elsinore, California

Edward Lapple, Video General, Camino Real, California

Darleen Grigor, Wakitu Photography, Lake Elsinore, California


Love That Woman ©2000, ℗2006 Shane O’Brien/Jungle Music Productions

Live at B. B. Kings in Hollywood, California

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

Performing Members: Jeff Agnew -Bass Guitar, Hoopa Johnny -Guitar

Michael Leasure -Drums, Shane O’Brien -Guitar and Vocal

Performance date: 11/10/2006 opening the show for Johnny Winter



Live television entertainment show event: 2005

Long Beachin’ With Mo‘” Hosted by Mo’ Power

Featured Guest for an Interview and Performance spot: Shane O’Brien

Shane O’Brien performed 2 songs during this interview, this song was the 1st

New York City, What a Lady ©2002, ℗2005 Shane O’Brien/Jungle Music Productions



This was a complete surprise to Shane O’Brien. We didn’t have a You Tube account yet

when I received a phone call from a friend who passed on a message from a magazine publisher friend of his.

A surfing magazine had published a on line article on their web site about polluted waters in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Mentioned how these waters affected surfing conditions and the health related outfall of surfing these beaches.

The magazines Chief Editor had used a track from the very first CD we release back in 2000, to support that video magazine article

So hey we got a Soundtrack to Video thing going on before we even had a video profile on You Tube or Face Book.

As a matter of fact I had to start a Face Book profile just to get to see this clip. So you could say that opened a door or two huh?

Song title:

When It Rains ©2000 Shane O’Brien

From the CD “Solid Gold Treasure Chest” disc 3/Part C

©2000 ℗2012 Shane O’Brien/Jungle Music Productions




Since 2005 O’Brien has CD nominations to Award Shows for the last 7yrs

While in the San Pedro Harbor, and in between gigs involving working the Iron or performances of my Music, of which either can be scheduled anywhere in the country I might add, then I like to visit my friends in Gardena, California.
Sunday Nights are always Rockin’ at the Desert Room, and I really enjoy my open invitation to perform along side Drummer Louis Michael Hinzo and Bassman Richard Ross and their friends on any given Sunday Nights gig.
The following video clip Shane kicks off with own “Shame, Shame, Shame” then jamming into “Big Boss Man”. Both Pieces represent Shane showing his huge admiration for the late great Jimmy Reed.

The Date: June 16th, 2015
The Place: The Desert Room, Gardena, California
What’s going on: Shane O’Brien is invited to perform alongside
Loud Lou’s Sunday Night Allstars. Performing what ever Shane has come to mind.
Selections: Shane jams to a Jimmy Reed two song medley

Shame, Shame, Shame.MOV

Loud Lou, Richard Ross and these folks are great to jam with when the itch needs scratching.

Posted by Shane O'Brien on Saturday, August 29, 2015

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