In Dedication to the Memories

regarding five members of

Shane O’Brien and O’Brien’s Edge

(A.) Memorandum Five Blues, Act No.1

“You are the friends that you keep…”

The Genuine One” ©℗2009 & “Acoustic, Raw and Real” ©℗2009 are the 24th/25th CD’s I have recorded, and a direct result of real encouragements and support shared by a large number of fans, followers, and family throughout the USA and Canada. All 23 previously recorded CDs had been, and still are, only available by attending any of the Shane O’Brien live performances. A total of 10,000 have been distributed in that manner. To me The Genuine One has now become a critical reason to reflect. I graciously recall with excitement, 5 musicians who had taken the time to perform and assist me (Shane O’Brien and O’Brien’s Edge) as major catalysts as I further developed my writing craft. Each individual, I’ll always refer to them as my friends, valued talented musicians and ultimately, my “All Stars”.
The following photos are of the five particular individuals who have stood solid in their own musical lives and by finding a common ground in our associations, together we have sung songs about everyday lives with enthusiasm and confidence, encouraged by each of our collaborations in our music. I recognize today that in more than some ways, my music has become unique reflection of each man. A hint of percussive style picking at times reminds me of Tony Sena. Counting silently throughout each measure for the complete song, so I always know where one is reminds on conversations with Ralph Martinez. Singing in a voice range that more suits my abilities and actually has much more sincerity in tone, I remember subtlety that lesson from Jimmy Solo. Experimenting with scale tonal modes today, thanks to Nicky Shoes for shoving scales down my throat every time we reviewed songs I had written. Then there’s Doc Owens! He witnessed my wilder youthful periods. Doc made sure that I recognized the more private songs. In particular one’s I wrote that contained real personal lyrics set to driving rhythms that were never meant for public ears and were great fun to play for bass players.
My five “All Stars” were musicians who were generous and their contributions enriched me as a musician/artist, writer/producer and ultimately a performer of such original music. Most importantly I am reminded that sharing the gift of music with others is the real reward in our lives. It can be shared with a youngster who thrives to develop like I did (and still do today). It can also be sharing with the music lover who can’t play a lick, but somehow understands something within themselves a little bit better after hearing a tone. The effects a rhythm or a theme of some lyric or even the value of one line I sung that struck a nerve. I may be totally unaware of a particular listeners personal take of words put together that they wished they had said but couldn’t. Most likely, such dispositions, I would never even know about.
Teachings such as these, helped mold me into The Genuine One, a title they suggested for me. I didn’t get it then. As a matter of fact I cringed at its sound as the five repeatedly use the expression. Now I cherish the term. It reminds me not hoard such things I consider to be so important, such as my music, and do pass it on by taking opportunities to share and give to those that I do unquestionably. Therefore I offer a little view in our musical language we shared as these photos were taken. These living alive photos with such spirit, such as the kind each musician expressed with every performance.
All five had individual unique qualities that made them “Museum Pieces” in the world of music. RIP gentlemen. I believe that the good lord took you for his band because you all had become talented enough to be there.

(B.) Memorandum Five Blues, Act No.2

“A moment for pause and reflection through song…”

What follows are the Lyrics to “Living Through my all stars”: An old school Raw/Blues in which all 5 band mates are described throughout its verses. Notice the shift of delivery and intensity as a few rough times are recanted. Also, you may observe the feel of the Guitar mood settle down in sync with the meaning of that message i.e.: a description of times of violence slips into moments of fond reflection. Listen closely enough, you will hear words that reflect forgiveness, gratefulness, wanting and wondering. A recalling of a unique journey, summed up in a review of sorts, assembled lyrically and musically for a purpose of just doing it! Almost, and as if intentionally, there seems to be one left behind to hold down the fort. Therefore actually in some way becoming a reflection of all his “All Star” five. In the end, all does pass and we do go on, don’t we? Hopefully learning something along the way!
I’ll bet there is something within this story that a few readers and listeners might find familiarity within their own silence, and may actually relate to in some faint way, while slipping into past times recalled.

Time To Include 2 more members of our musical Family

Jess Accetta: Part Owner of SoundKingsUSA Amplifiers
Creator of Shane’s stage set up including the SoundKingsUSA “Rebel 35” Shane O’Brien Signature Model

Jess left us this June 2017. You are missed Brother Jess.

Hoppa Johnny C Rickers:
Member of O’Briens Edge since the early 2000’s
until his passing in 2016



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“Living Through my All Stars” ©2009 by Shane O’Brien

Total Time: (5:51)

Yeah, when I close my eyes, and I think about all these fine brothers
and every once in a while, I’ll visit them in my mind’s eye
and they remind me of every mistake I’ve ever done
One had a wife and one had a nice little girl there
One had a brother man, who would run around with him too
One had life’s love and lot’s of lovin’ with his dope man
and the other man just liked playing that funky groove
But what a time, what a time, what a time babe
it’s like you grew 20 years over night
like a life’s love flew in your blood, and the worlds cares came runnin’ away yeah!
It’s like a stage was made for every man
Left right and center, and lovin’ again
And Nicky would sit there and blow and shine in front of you
and they’re traveling man…
Some had met Presidents and some had met Queens Baby
Some down in D. C. and down in Frisco way
I had one that hung down in Watts Babe
He felt at home there and playing his way
They called him Pony Boy, They called him Dragon Master
in the scene, they were scared of the Federal Government after him
and one wouldn’t leave town without his dope friends
and one was scared to be the star that he is man…
And one thanked me for the last time he ever played out
And one I paid 200 dollars just to have him come out
And the other man, he just wouldn’t ever leave my side
The other one stole my bride
But they’re all livin’, breathin’ all stars
They’re all livin and breathin and stay every way
You can hear them on my records, you can hear them on the internet
But they’re faces remain shadows in my name
Do Bah Dee Now…
And I hope that they rest in peace when they up there
At the right hand of their Lord or whoever they’re prayer’s for
And I hope that they smile and have everything they need
Like they’re amps and they’re keyboards and they’re guitars, and they’re women things Do Bah Dee Dum… And my all stars…
And one named me, got me away from Shame, Shame, Shame
said it’s important for my use of my real surname
and the sharp edge grooves O’Brien’s game
And I’ll sit here and be a reflection of you babe
I’ll be a reflection of each one good from you
And I’ll make sure that I’ll cry out your glory
And I know man, that you’re sittin’ jammin’ there
With your friends in heaven every day. Ah…


(C.) Memorandum Five Blues, Act No.3

“Photo’s and Discography’s of Five Musicians…”

Attached is an accounting to all five special individuals who have helped form the history of Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge. Includes Shane’s most favorite photos of each individual:

Ralph Martinez, Tony Sena, Jimmy Solo, Nicky Shoes and Doc Owens. Also included are the dates each shinned as members of The Shame, Shame, Shame Blues Band and/or Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge and their Discography contributions.

"Ralph Martinez in Shane O'Brien/O'Briens Edge 2000 and 1993 in SSS"
“Ralph Martinez in Shane O’Brien/O’Briens Edge 2000 and 1993 in SSS”

Ralph Martinez: Drummer for Shane O’Brien 1987-2000

Passed on August 2000

Member of: The Shame, Shame, Shame, Blues Band 1987-1998

Also: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge1999-2000

Recorded on:

  • From C.Y.C. to CD ©1999
  • The Solid Gold Treasure Chest _  Disc 1 & Disc 2 ©2000
"Tony Sena in Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge 2003 and 2004"
“Tony Sena in Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2003 and 2004”

Tony Sena: Guitarist/Bassist with Shane O’Brien from 2002 to 2004

Passed on July 2004

Member of: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2002-2004

Recorded on:

  • Broken Arrow ©2002
  • The S D T Session ©2003
  • The Single ©2003
  • From the Jungle To The Zoo ©2003
  • It’s Come To This ©2004
  • Got Her Back ©2004
  • Share the Vision ©2004
  • O’Brien’s Edge ’05 Promo ©2005
  • The Genuine One ©2005, ©2007
  • The Genuine One ©2008, 2009
"Jimmy Solo recording with Shane O'Brien in the Jungle 2005"
“Jimmy Solo recording with Shane O’Brien in the Jungle 2005”

Jimmy Solo: Keyboardist/Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist.

Passed on August 2008

Member of: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2000 to 2008

Recorded on:

  • Solid Gold Treasure Chest _ Disc 1 ©2000
  • Jammin’ on Land ©2001
  • An Understanding ©2001
  • Broken Arrow ©2002
  • In The Dark, Unplugged©2002
  • King Me Baby ©2002
  • Two Cuts Too Close©2003
  • At Angel’s Gate ©2003
  • From the Jungle to the Zoo ©2003
  • It’s Come to This ©2004
  • Got Her Back ©2004
  • Share the Vision ©2004
  • O’Brien’s Edge ’05 Promo©2005
  • The Genuine One ©2005, ©2007
  • The Genuine One ©2008, 2009
  • Acoustic, Raw and Real ©2009, 2009
"Nicky Shoes recording in the Jungle with Shane O'Brien 2006"
“Nicky Shoes recording in the Jungle with Shane O’Brien 2006”

Nicky “Shoes” Pizzale: Guitarist/Vocalist

Passed on Sept 2008

Performed and Recorded with: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2001-2007.

Recorded on:

  • She Loves Me Not No.7 ©2001
  • From the Jungle to the Zoo ©2003
  • It’s Come to This ©2004
  • Got Her Back ©2004
  • Share the Vision ©2004
  • The Genuine One ©2005 and The Genuine One (Revision No. 1 ©2006
  • The inspiration to the cut time rhythm of “Close to You” ©2009
"Doc and Shame Shame Shame Blues Band 1993 and OBsEdge 2008"
“Doc and Shame Shame Shame Blues Band 1993 and OBsEdge 2008”

Marlon “Doc” Owen: Bassist/Vocalist

Passed on February 2009

Performed and Recorded with: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2000-2003.

Recorded on:

  • The Solid Gold Treasure Chest _ Disc 3 ©2000
  • From the Jungle to the Zoo ©2003
  • Note: “Doc” the Bitchin’ Bass Hook supplied on the

Track titled _ “The Devil’s Kitchen” from the CD “The Genuine One”

(D.) Memorandum Five Blues, Act No.4

“Photo’s and Discography’s of Shane O’Brien 1999 – 2010″

"Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge _ The Banner 2010"
“Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge _ The Banner 2010”

Shane O’Brien: Vocals/Guitars: electric and acoustic, bass, keys, Percussion.

Band Founding Member of: The Shame, Shame, Shame Blues Band 1983-1999

Also: Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge 2001-2012

Recorded on Compact Disc 1983-2009:

  • From C.Y.C. to CD ©1999
  • Solid Gold Treasure Chest _ Disc 1, 2, & 3 ©2000
  • The Jungle Mix (Best of S.G.T.C. Trilogy) ©2000
  • Jammin’ on Land ©2001
  • Jammin’ on Land-Rated “R” ©2001
  • She Loves Me Not ©2001
  • An Understanding ©2001
  • Broken Arrow ©2002
  • In The Dark, Unplugged ©2002
  • King Me Baby ©2002
  • Two Cuts Too Close ©2003
  • Some from Eleven (Best of eleven CD’s to date) ©2003
  • At Angel’s Gate ©2003
  • From the Jungle to the Zoo ©2003
  • It’s Come to This ©2004
  • Got Her Back ©2004
  • Share the Vision ©2004
  • O’Brien’s Edge ’05 Promo (3 Studio Tracks) ©2005
  • O’Brien’s Edge ’05 Promo (3 Live Tracks) ©2005
  • The Genuine One ©2005, Revised 1 ©2007
  • The Genuine One revision no.2, ©2008, 2009
  • Acoustic, Raw and Real ©2009, 2009



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