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ReverbNation Listed as No.1 re Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

July 20, 2017 ReverbNation No.1

ReverbNation Listed as No.1 re Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise…

Thank you for all of your enduring support through out the many years….
Shane O’Brien

New Year’s Eve 2016 Shane O’Brien with the Andy Walo Trio

New Years Eve Poster 12 24 2016

New Years Eve show featuring Shane O'Brien and Andy Walo
Shane O’Brien and Andy Walo together, 1 night only

ReverbNation Promo

This year’s O’Briens Edge 2016 Annual New Year’s Eve Show
Presentation by Harold’s Place USA
turned out to be a Grand Slam Home Run.

Everyone had a music filled night full of dancing and partying to the sounds of two original artist who are part of their local  communities
Hello Torrance, CA-Andy Walo,
Hello San Pedro, CA-Shane O’Brien…
People ran into good friends they haven’t seen in a long time. Harold’s Place was the perfect venue to watch, listen and dance, as tho to be part of the band, real up close and personal like.
Anthony Posa handled the Technical duties masterfully, so there you go! Add in the fact that everyone arrived to their home safe and sound, which can be attributed in part to the responsible ways to get home, made available by Dave and Jennifer Mattina the owners of Harold’s Place in San Pedro. Which had been taken advantage of by those in need for getting home. All in all and considering everything it took to pull it all off, it Made Our Night’s Celebration a Great One and Nothing Short of that

Pictured Left to Right:

Shane O’Brien – Vocals and Guitars
Carl J. Bittman – Drums
Andy Walo – Guitar and Vocals
Willy Andresco – Bass Guitar

Isn’t That Just Too Cool Man?

Oh Ya!!!
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