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O’Briens Edge Music and Ironworker Pictures, Fulfilling a few recent request

O’Briens Edge Music and Ironworker Pictures, Fulfilling a few recent request

I’ve found many song requests from several of our satellite social media platforms
As well as suggestions to post up some new Gerald Desmond Bridge photos and news of that gigs progress.
Also without a doubt requests for information of any gigs I may have going on now or in the near future.

So, let’s see if I can Provide a few of the song request here first.
If I’m reading the name here correctly (please excuse me if I have the name wrong ok?)
For Kitnwhip out of Utah:
Love That Woman Live at the Blue Cafe’


New York City, What a Lady


For Loretta out of Southern California:
The Genuine One


For Big Tone out of San Dimas, California
The Big Iron



The Easiest Place To Find Water When Building a Bridge Is Where?


Tower 16 on the Left and Tower 17 on the Right


Ironworkers James Hunter and Baron Covarrubias Setting some Sky Climber Rigging


Ironworkers Todd Eisenhauer and Michael Cochran and James Hunter Connecting the top of Tower 17 landing


Apprentice Shomari Glasco enjoys his new Bullard along with Ironworker Shane O’Brien


The Look Over of a 50 years in the trade Safety Rep of our 6th Period Apprentice Jonathan Casas


Balanced Cantilever Erection is Next to Bridge the Two Towers

I will get to more song request soon and add in some more Gerald Desmond Bridge Photos too

Check back tomorrow for these type updates
“Thank You Folks and as always Be Well”
Shane O’Brien

Happy Thanksgiving from the Union Ironworkers of Local 433 and 370

Ironworkers  433 & 370
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Thanksgiving and a continued Safe and Wonderful Christmas Season
Before our F/W Pipe Columns were erected
Bridge Gang at The Gerald Desmond Bridge
Replacement Project

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project
Long Beach, CA

Bridge Progress Update:
Zero Loss Time Injuries:

-Both East and West Towers have the F/W pipe Columns up (4 ea)
-Both East and West Towers have the “Heavy Lift” main beams up
-Both East and West Towers have the “Heavy Lift” cap beams up
-Working on: assemblies of “Work Platforms”, “Drop Down” access ladders as per Main Span and Back Span access’
-Working on: “Work Platform Walk Ways, Gangways and Connection Details” prior to erection sometime in Mid Jan 2018

Pipe Columns re Pier 17

A big show of appreciation to:
Mitch Ponce, Local 433 Business Agent, Harbor Area From all of us in the field and many decision makers in the office as well.
Maning this important job with hands to be proud of
at every request without any delays, helps our cause out here big time.

Note No.2

Like regular, here’s another track of our recorded music to check out.

“Gerry Garcia, My Ride and the Highway” tk.4
CD Titled “Jammin’ onLand”©2001

During the later part of the year 1999, and well into all of the first ten years of the new millennium. Since it’s Thanksgiving day. I’ll have to get back with the tale describing the history of this song.

The Bridge on the other side of Terminal Island
The Vincent Thomas Bridge

San Pedro side looking towards Terminal Island