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Happy Thanksgiving from the Union Ironworkers of Local 433 and 370

Ironworkers  433 & 370
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Thanksgiving and a continued Safe and Wonderful Christmas Season
Before our F/W Pipe Columns were erected
Bridge Gang at The Gerald Desmond Bridge
Replacement Project

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project
Long Beach, CA

Bridge Progress Update:
Zero Loss Time Injuries:

-Both East and West Towers have the F/W pipe Columns up (4 ea)
-Both East and West Towers have the “Heavy Lift” main beams up
-Both East and West Towers have the “Heavy Lift” cap beams up
-Working on: assemblies of “Work Platforms”, “Drop Down” access ladders as per Main Span and Back Span access’
-Working on: “Work Platform Walk Ways, Gangways and Connection Details” prior to erection sometime in Mid Jan 2018

Pipe Columns re Pier 17

A big show of appreciation to:
Mitch Ponce, Local 433 Business Agent, Harbor Area From all of us in the field and many decision makers in the office as well.
Maning this important job with hands to be proud of
at every request without any delays, helps our cause out here big time.

Note No.2

Like regular, here’s another track of our recorded music to check out.

“Gerry Garcia, My Ride and the Highway” tk.4
CD Titled “Jammin’ onLand”©2001

During the later part of the year 1999, and well into all of the first ten years of the new millennium. Since it’s Thanksgiving day. I’ll have to get back with the tale describing the history of this song.

The Bridge on the other side of Terminal Island
The Vincent Thomas Bridge

San Pedro side looking towards Terminal Island

Union Ironworker Randy Bryce Challenges Paul Ryan for Congressional Seat

Union Ironworker Randy Bryce Challenges Paul Ryan for Congressional Seat in 2018 Mid Terms.

A Note from Shane in regards to Randy Bryce:

I am coming from a position of being a Union Ironworker in my every day, day life, and a writing/recording/performing Artist at night.

To see a Union Brother Ironworker take life and politics of our current times seriously enough to go beyond the talk of arm chair quarterbacks and make a go at it, does all of us Ironworkers very proud. Add in, Randy has the opportunity to be a voice for many of us every day working stiff’s who greatly feel the negatives being pushed onto us from the occupants at our Nation’s Capital these days. At least that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

If there is anything I can do for you Randy Bryce, all you need to do is give me a call…
Shane O’Brien JIW
Bk No. 1238396
Local 433, Los Angeles, CA