Think This One Over ©2007

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By:  Hoopa Johnny C. Ricker, Shane B. O’Brien ℗2009 JMProductions

I’m gonna have to think now, this whole thing over yeah

And see it now, with the very best of my mind

Gonna see it now, just clean and sober babe

Laying it down, oh! So very clearly on the line

You know it’s been now, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this here old town

And I’ve been lookin’ for whatever I might find

Singing my song now, oh just can’t go wrong baby

Oh! I guess that’s why I always try

Always try yeah, yeah, Just to get you high babe, hum, hum, hum

Just to get you high babe

I’m gonna think now, this whole thing over baby

And keep on pushin’ now, till I see your smile

I’m gonna keep on, law and order yeah

Hangin’ out now, oh! On that winnin’ side

Playin’ it cool, I ain’t nobody’s fool

I ain’t got nothin’ hidden right up my sleeves babe

Clean and strong, all day long

You know life’s always been good to me

Hum, hum, hum hum! Good to me

It will always be baby. It’ll always be

Oh! Always be baby

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