Living Through My All Stars

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“Living Through my All Stars” ©2009

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“Living Through my All Stars” ©2009
By Shane O’Brien
Time (5:51)

Yeah, when I close my eyes, and I think about all these fine brothers.
And every once in a while, I’ll visit them in my mind’s eye.
And they remind me of every mistake I’ve ever done.

One had a wife and one had a nice little girl there.
One had a brother man, who would run around with him too.
One had life’s love and lot’s of lovin’ with his dope man.
And the other man just liked playing that funky groove.

But what a time, what a time, what a time babe.
It’s like you grew 20 years over night.
Like a life’s love flew in your blood, and the worlds cares came runnin’ away yeah!
It’s like a stage was made for every man.
Left right and center, and lovin’ again.
And Nicky would sit there and blow and shine in front of you.
And they’re traveling man…

Some had met Presidents and some had met Queens Baby.
Some down in D. C. and down in Frisco way.
I had one that hung down in Watts Babe.
He felt at home there and playing his way.

They called him Pony Boy, They called him Dragon Master.
In the scene, they were scared of the Federal Government after him.
And one wouldn’t leave town without his dope friends.
And one was scared to be the star that he is man…

And one thanked me for the last time he ever played out.
And one I paid 200 dollars just to have him come out.
And the other man, he just wouldn’t ever leave my side.
The other one stole my bride.

But they’re all livin’, breathin’ all stars.
They’re all livin and breathin and stay every way.
You can hear them on my records, you can hear them on the internet.
But they’re faces remain shadows in my name.

Do Ba Dee Now…

And I hope that they rest in peace when they up there.
At the right hand of their Lord or whoever they’re prayer’s for.
And I hope that they smile and have everything they need.
Like they’re amps and they’re keyboards and they’re guitars, and they’re women things.

Do Ba Dee Dum… And my all stars…

And one named me, got me away from Shame, Shame, Shame.
Said it’s important for my use of my real surname,
and the sharp edge grooves O’Brien’s game.

And I’ll sit here and be a reflection of you babe.
I’ll be a reflection of each one good from you.
And I’ll make sure that I’ll cry out your glory.
And I know man, that you’re sittin’ jammin’ there,
With your friends in heaven every day. Ah…

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