The Story Behind “Them Flashbacks” Chapter 4

The Story Behind The Song

Chapter 4

Another installment in the ongoing presentation of the musical works by:

Shane O’Brien

Them Flashbacks

Author                     Shane O’Brien
Copyright               ©2001, ℗2012 Jungle Music Productions
Album                     King Me Baby
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Genre                       Blues : Blues Rock


The Story behind the Song: Them Flashbacks

A freelance journalist from E Z Rider stopped by my Jungle Studio in 2006 to do an interview with Shane O’Brien. After conducting most of his question, he decided to throw out a challenge to Shane by asking him to write and record a song on the spot in front of him. Not only that, it had to be about a subject of his choice and had to specifically include a couple points within this song.  The subject was to be about Flashbacks many Veterans feel years after concluding their terms of service. Then the curve ball came. The freelance journalist known, as “Trash “The Geezer from Hell”, had made it known to Shane, that there are many types flashbacks, an effect of post traumatic stress syndrome There are good flashbacks and bad flashbacks for example and Shane was to include both of those types within this songs subject matter. The challenge was accepted and with one quick moment of thought and a little time for Shane O’Brien to prepare the troupes, the tape began to roll with Trash observing for himself just how most of the songs created by this musician are written and recorded.

It was very cool when I looked up as we were recording this number and seeing Trash_The Geezer from Hell giving me and the guy’s his undivided attention, with not a hint of what he thought of everything going down. The recording took as long to complete as the time it takes this song to play once which we followed it up with a quick mix for us to hear Them Flashback at that very moment. The review from this E Z Rider Freelance pen and paper man was surely going to be resulting from the perceptions he gathered while witnessing our efforts regarding his challenge. Trash listened to us big time as we played and did so as well on the first rough mix during the initial playback. That is when he mentioned that he was part of Charlie Company of the 101st Airborne Rangers in Vietnam with an honorable discharge after two tours. You could just tell that he loved it and said to us that he thought we got it right. He also wrote down every word before leaving on his ride back to San Fernado Valley where his lives.

What an experience for any musician to live through. That night was such a very cool time for us all, if I do say so myself…

I get the chills, a little something I feel every time I listen to this track and recall just how it all went down.

Musicians Performing on this track are:

Scott Attlesey _ drums

"Them Flashbacks", Shane O'Brien used drummer Scott Attlesey "
Scott Attlesey played drums on “Them Flashbacks” on the “King Me Baby” Album
Shane O’Brien and O’Briens edge

Steven Ernst _ bass guitar

Steven Ernst played bass on 2 tracks on the "King Me Baby" Album
Steven Ernst bass man for O’Briens Edge on 2 tracks “King Me Baby” CD c2001
“Them Flashbacks” and “The Genuine One”

Shane O’Brien _ guitar and vocals


In the Jungle Studio, San Pedro, CA
Holding a sign made by a participating session musician in regards to how Shane O’Brien sessions usually went down. “One Take Mother Fucker”

Them Flashbacks” ©2001 Shane O’Brien

Track 10 on the album titled “King Me Baby” ℗2012 Jungle Music Productions/Shane O’Brien


King Me Baby by Shane O'Brien cd artwork for disc
King Me Baby CD artwork for disc


Stay tuned for another installment of the ongoing series of the genuine music by

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

"SoundKingsUSA Tube Amps endorcement for Shane O'Brien"
Direct from the Author/Artist

The Story Behind The Song



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