Come to Terms ©2000 (4:36)

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By: Shane B. O’Brien (p)2009 JMProductions

Too perfect to need, anyone but me

Every waking moment that I’m alive

And as this big world revolves around its turmoil’s and trials

A big man knows everything yeah

It’s right there for the taking you see

Ain’t nothing so wrong, that just might pull me down

A big man’s got an answer to every song, every song

He thinks he’s so cool, he thinks he’s so strong

He’s the perfect man now for every job

He stands straight, high and proud

But hey have you heard about reality

Come on to this earth, a new guided soul you see

A new guided soul has just come down to this earth

And come to terms, come to terms yeah

With the powers that lead baby

The powers that lead yeah, yeah

Every now and then, I still catch myself guarding

The shield that I’ve been hiding, hiding behind now

Behind smart-ass bribes until I die or I have recalled

That I truly have come to terms with my lord

Come to term, come to term yeah

Come on down to this earth

A new guided soul you see

A new guided soul

Has just come right down to this earth now

And come to terms, come to terms

With the powers that lead, yeah, yeah!

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