Be True To Yourself ©2004 (2:27)

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By: Shane “SSS” B. O’Brien

(Spoken Introduction)

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes One Night

When I Was Strolling Down the Hood and Gangs

And I Stopped By To Say “Hi” And He Said “Hey Hommie

What Are You Doing In This Neighborhood?”

(I’m being True To Myself)

I Turned Around and Took A Quick Glance

And I Seen A Young Man ‘Bout Eight Years Old

Riding down The Street with a Bicycle

With Something Bulging Out Of the Back of His Shirt

Starrin’ Down the Hood, Looking At Every Alley

And Doorway and Across the Street in the Park

I Seen Him Lookin’ At another Young Man

About The Same Kind of Guy

Verse 1

I Feel Like a Martian From Outer Space

I Feel, As I Don’t Belong In This Place

I’ve Got Problems from My Feet up To My Head

But All I Really Think About Is If I Were Dead

I Feel Lost, Confused, Disengaged

I Feel As Though My Head Is Screamin’ In a Rage

You Can’t Think About Suicide In These Days

Because I’ve tried To Commit It, and In Many Ways

Everyone Stops Me, I Don’t Know Why

All I Really Want To Do Is Lay Back and Die

I’ve Done Crystal, Coke, Even Speed

Alcohol Pot and Lsd, Uppers

Downers and Around The Clock Counters

But Nothin’ I’ve Tried, Seems To Make Me Die

I’ve Tried Russian Roulette, But That Didn’t Work

Because The Person That Shot Himself

Is One Big fuckin’ Jerk

I Know You Don’t Believe Me, But This Is True

Give Me A Gun, I’ll Show You

I Go Around All the Time Saying, “Fuck This World ”

Then I Do A Drug And It Takes Me For A Whirl

And The Question That Always Comes To Mind

Why Be Nice, Why Do Something Kind

Then I Ask Myself The Question Why?

And All I Ever Come Up With, Is That Wanna Die

(Spoken Conclusion)

Then To My Surprise

I Turned Around And I Saw Across The Street In The Park

That Little Eight-Year-Old Child Shoot Another Young Man With His Gun

A Generation Lost Baby, You Need To Be Found

Be True To Yourself, Be True To Yourself

Be True To Yourself, Be True To Yourself

Tells The Truth, Tell The Truth 7

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