In the Dark, Unplugged ©2002 (5:30)

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By Shane B. O’Brien

I sit alone little darling

Looking for my Angel in the Dark

I feel your breath over my shoulder now

Surely my Angel in the Dark

It has a bearing on all my ways and my moves and everything

That’s my guardian Angel in the Dark

It has a hold of each my sunshine’s and my Sunrays

That’s my little Angel in the Dark

Never alone, I’m never alone

I never have to worry, I’m never alone

Like the Lord sent her down from above

That’s my Angel, Man, Oh Yeah

Takes care of me little mama

In the dark, unplugged alone, in the dark now, Um Yeah

Sets me up Unplugged now

Lets me say my stories in the dark now

Cares enough, to leave me alone now, now

Sets me up to tell my stories in the dark now

Say’s I live my life, in a song now

That’s all right, I’m your Angel from above

Say what you mean, and do what you gotta do now

I got your eye, I got your back, In the dark

That’s my guardian Angel from above

like a sweet little thing, that’s my love now

Like an Angel watching me, So Unplugged

In the Dark now, In the Dark now, now

A world of my own, In the Dark

Gonna get me another bottle of Champagne

Lost in my world, in the dark

Unplugged alone, unplugged alone babe

In my lonely little world, In the Dark now

It’s a story of Love and Pain babe

Like a Diary in My Brain, Yeah

That’s my little World, Torn apart

That’s alright, that’s the way it is

That’s Life, In the Dark, Now

Angel say’s “It’ll be all right”

“Just play and sing everything that you told me now”

A little guardian Angel, Sent down from the Lord above

Ain’t that Right Now, Ain’t that Right Now, little mama

Ain’t nothing like an Angel in the Dark, Umm Yeah

Like a Kiss in Life

In the dark, unplugged alone, unplugged alone, hum, hum!

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