Who’s Lovin’ Who? ©2009 (7:25)

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By: Shane O’Brien 2009 JMProductions

“That’s how I Profess my love to you baby”

I’m heading down the 405 late at night, just to get across this L.A. town

It’s got about three hours of traveling just to get to you Baby

I’ll try to make it within an hour just to find you

I think I’ll get there baby, I know I’ll get there, but will you be true Babe

Will you be true now, I got to know little darlin’

Tell me who’s lovin’ who babe

I been heading about ninety thousand miles an hour babe

Just to try to get across town

I looked in every passing car, in every window and every doorway

Everywhere across town

I called ahead babe, I called ahead just to tell you how much I love you babe

Instead I got my own voice yeah, outgoing message baby

Something kind of blue babe

Say who’s lovin’ who babe

I scene I’m heading down town, early in the mornin’

And them tall buildings cast a shadow, cast a shadow on me

And the lights in every single window babe, you have me staring lookin’ for you

And the last that I recall baby, the last that I recall babe

You were dressed in a pretty blue

And I’m rushing home just to find you, just to get across town

Just to get to you

Tell me who’s lovin’ who babe

That’s why I am asking you baby, who’s lovin’ who

Sitting here now alone babe, just wondering about

I am sitting here now darling, I’m thinking about

how much it was a rush to get across your town

It was just like magic babe, just like a rabbit out of a hat

Just like a thing I had to do

Just to show you darling, just to show you babe

Now then tell me who’s lovin’ who babe

Who’s lovin who

Oh that’s the question I’m asking you babe

Hum, who’s lovin’ who little momma

Owe, that’s what I’m askin’ you baby

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