Close to You (For Nancy) ©2009 (4:03)

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By: Shane B. O’Brien ℗2009 JMProductions

Intro: (Solo Acoustic Guitar Lick)

“Can you hear it baby. Those are the bells. The bells of this man’s heart.”

Verse 1: (Slow Blues)

E          /           /           /                 E        /          /          /

It seems like it was the right time.

E          /           /           /                 E        /          /          /

To get right down, down with you.

A                            /                             /                                   /

Oh woman, it seems like it was the perfect time.

E                            /                              /                                  /

To get down, warm, and soulful with you.

B          /          /          /        A   /     /     /      E    /     /      /     E / / /

Shake away, shake away, any crazy stupid fool.

Verse 2:

A man sometimes, has his head-spinnin’ babe.

Thank God, you caught a man, whose head was spinnin’ babe.

Just a little bit, Hum, Hum! A little confused and blue.

For the wrong type of Blue reasons. The wrong type of Blues.

Bridge: (Cut Time, repeated 3 x’s)

│: A         /           /           /           G          /           /           /

It was the right time, it was the right move.

A          /           /           /           C          /           /           /

It was the right time for a man to learn about a woman like you.

A          /           /           /           G          /           /           /

It was the right place, in the right world Babe.

F#                    /                       /                       /

And you know it’s true, you know it’s true yeah.

F                  /             E          / :│

You know, you know it’s true.

It seemed like it had to be this right way to go darling.

There ain’t no other way man, that is the magic of the road.

It seemed like, it was meant to be you babe. And you know it’s true, you know its true man.

“That’s right, I found myself close to you.”

Hum, Hum! Ah, Ah! Hum, Hum. You know its true babe. Ah, Ah!

That’s the right thing, the right way, the right mood, the right moves, just me and you.

Verse 3: (Slow Blues)

Shake away, all the crazy stupid Blues babe, and get down to life that’s cool!

I learned to shake away all those stupid foolish Blues,

And found a real world, a real life next to you woman.

Hum, Hum, and as for that man. I’ll forever be blessed, and thank you.

Them crazy stupid Blues.

Intro: (Solo Acoustic Guitar Lick)

The heart is jumpin’ warm with smiles now man. And I remain close to you.”

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