Gentleman ©2000 (6:10)

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By: Shane B. O’Brien ℗2009 JMProductions

There’s a place out in Southern California now

where a man can go back  baby and be in touch with his soul now

amongst the evergreens now, amongst the evergreens and the trees

and it’s ocean and it’s breeze and find his own solitude again  now yeah

Finds some old log cabin down deep  in the woods now

you see a mirror right down at the end of the hall

look in that image in the mirror and find and find in himself yeah

he’s gotta to change his violent ways become a gentle man now yeah

You said it couldn’t be true now, it just couldn’t be the way now

that a wild man like me, could never really turn around yeah

and truly show love to you one day

But way down in the bottom of a mans made up mind now

you know a good man he turns around and he says to himself

ain’t it good to be true now, ain’t it good to love you now

and turn around become someone yeah, yeah, yeah you can depend on

B’ ain’t that the life of a gentle man babe, does what he can does what he can

ain’t no one to blame, ain’t no one to blame now

but ain’t that the way it is babe, ain’t that the way it is baby

ain’t that the life now yeah, of a gentle man yeah of a gentle man now

ain’t no one to blame babe, ain’t no one to blame now

(whispered voice)… Hello love, hum… I’ve got something to tell you

things have changed that’s right, things have changed

yeah that’s right, they’ve changed

just listen, just listen to this, yeah right

Ain’t that the way baby hum… Things just don’t seem the same no more

you know I’ve been I’ve been workin’ hard, for your love now

And it seems like I’ve been fallin’ in time, and time just been laggin’ behind

just been laggin’ behind and I just don’t know

I just don’t know I just don’t know, what to do anymore now little darlin

but I know that I’m still here for you

I’m walkin on now I walking on, down this hard bedded road

I’m walking on now, but the loads got me down

I walking on down that hard bedded road

I’m comin’ on I’m comin’ on

I’m comin’ on I’m comin’ on now now

just to get right next to you darlin’ now

But ain’t that the life now, of a gentleman yeah

does what he can does what he can

there ain’t no one to blame, no one to blame for all the things

of all the things all the things, all the things now little darlin now

hum hum hum hum … Yeah, yeah, yeah, of a gentleman baby

of a gentleman now of a gentleman baby

ain’t no no um um… no one no one to blame babe…

of a gentle man now, of a gentle man baby…

I try to tell you now little darlin’… If your listening!

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