New York City, What a Lady ©2007 (5:34)

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By: Shane B. O’Brien 2009 JMProductions

I see you there, across the Hudson River, So proud and tall yeah

I see you there, across the Hudson River, Skyline reaching high in the sky yeah

I’m wondering, yeah, I’m wondering

I let time slip on by, staring at you from the Jersey side

I let time slip on, tripppin’ by yeah, Staring at the lady from the Jersey side

A little bruised, and tattered from it all. She’s like a rock, got a lock on it all

Still standing there, so proud and tall, like a lady right through it all

I know now, I know now. I talked to a lot of folks from coast to coast yeah

You’ve got a lot of lovin’ friends through it all

From coast to coast now, I’m here to tell ya, lady, lady oh lady

It’s all right now, it’s all right yeah

So tall and proud, you have country wide friends through it all

Standing there so tall and proud now, now, now!

Yeah, New York City, You’re the center of it all

Take a ride through your Midtown; see the colors of Yonkers and Brooklyn and all

Take a ride through your Midtown now, see the colors of Brooklyn and Queens and it all

And down in the village, they’re just a little strange a bit

Then there’s Hog’s and Heifer’s and the Bitter End there

If you can survive that, you might just learn to love it all now, now, now

Huh, down at the park y’all now, sit back and kick it back y’all now.

You dream about and think about the lady now, now

When you’re sittin’ back and thinking about it all now

You’re sittin’ back, kickin’ back about it all babe

You dream about, dream about the Lady Liberty yeah

Oh New York City, the center of it all, New York City

Standing tall and proud, is New York City now

If you ain’t seen her now, I tell you there, she’s still standing tall and proud

The center of it all New York City

Standing there, so proud and tall now! For all the world to see, New York City

With two hundred and fifty million of us to back you all, back you all yeah!

Like, country wide friends, through it all

Hum! New York City, the center of it all, that’s New York City

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