Shane O’Brien Guest Appearance on The Watt From Pedro Show

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Shane O’Brien appearing as Guest on The Watt From Pedro Show
Hosted by Mike Watt. Mike will goes on Location to Shane’s studio known as The Jungle

Date 3/13/2012

The Watt From Pedro Show_Poster 3 13 2012

The Watt From Pedro Show goes out on Location at the Jungle Studio for this special podcast. That is home court for O’Brien and all the music Shane had written from 1999 to 2012 totaling more than Shane O’Brien 24 CDs and DVDs

What follows are words by Shane O’Brien taken the day before the scheduled podcast taping…


"The Watt From Pedro Show"
Watt From Pedro Show, opening page

Mike Watt has been Hosting and Producing this show for years. I’ve listen to many of his shows and enjoy them every time. I always appreciate the back and forth down home discussions Brother Watt has with all his Guests. The 3 13 2012 is something special indeed for me as I am Mike Watts Guest for that Show. Wow indeed. We will talk music, spin both of our favorite records and it’s not hard to tell, especially if you ever been around me and or know me who my favorite is… Also note that since this will be taped at my studio, The Jungle, there is more than likely a great chance for some live music to occurs as well. The air time will be posted most likely sometime before the end of the week folks, so stay tuned for something I feel is awesomely cool… That’s why I share these things with you all…
Shane O’Brien


About the song
Guest artist who visit the Jungle Studio of mine, I consider all to be very special. Field Monroe reminded me last night of how really special that is for me as well. With the help of his dear friend Anna who acted as a go between for me, Field was invited to visit my studio to simply share our musical language together. No doubt it was to be a night of all original music, some old and some new but that didn’t matter as much as what we each gave from each other to make the night fun and successful as well. Both our approach to each song was obvious regarding that our playing efforts would result in something cool added to any piece we presented to one another. Field play’s great man, I tell you what, if you find yourself in the South Bay area sometime, take a look in the Calender section of the L A Times and see if he’s gigging around town and treat yourself to a night of quality live entertainment. It’ll be worth it. Take it from me man… Thanks Anna for bringing this gentleman by. Thanks Field and please feel free to return anytime…

"Jungle Studio time with Shane O'Brien and Field Monroe 4 16 2012"
Gotta Capture the moment
Shane appearing as Guest on The Watt From Pedro Show


These photos were taken during the three hour Watt From Pedro Show  highlighting the exchanges between Host Mike Watt and his show’s guest, writing_ recording and performing artist Shane O’Brien

"TWFPS hosted by Mike Watt with guest Shane O'Brien"
Mike Watt in the Jungle Studio hosting twfps 3 13 2012


Link Suggestion: For a real interesting insight into Mike Watt go to his site at
mike watts hoot page





"Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge music discussion on the watt from pedro show"
Shane O'Brien talking about the music created in the Jungle Studio


O'Briens Edge Logo_Green,Black,Orange
Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge and Logo early version

Show Review:
Edward Lapple
I’d like to add that my son and I were there taping this interview and it was great. You had two seasoned, accomplished musicians reaching into the depths of their experiences to share stories about backstage, after the gig and their mutual respect for the roots and the exuberance of creating music. Mike Watt’s conversational style drew Shane’s story out in a fascinating manner. I was mesmerized, because when we wrapped, I thought that we’d been going about 45 minutes, until I looked down and saw that I’d burned through three one hour loads on the camera. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Take a listen, you are gonna enjoy it.

Mike Watt in the Jungle Studio, on location re twfps
"Shane what was your first remembered experience with music"
"Music Artist Shane O'Brien guest appearance on TWFPS"
Shane O'Brien guest appearance on TWFPS
"Host Mike Watt of twfps on location at Shane O'Briens studio"
twfps on location at Shane O'Briens studio
"Music Artist Shane O'Brien in The Jungle Studio on TWFPS"
Shane O'Brien in The Jungle Studio
"Shane O'Brien set up for recording in the Jungle"
Recording in the Jungle with Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge
"The Jungle Studio and Shane O'Brien"
The Jungle Studio and Shane O'Brien
" O'Brien"
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