The USS IOWA has been assigned to her new home









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Here are a couple of picks just for the Kids to do as they please with.  Enjoy you guys…







I’ll be adding to this collection of JPEGS and VIDEO clips till it looks pretty good and functions as it should, so it’s early yet but here what I’ll be sharing about the USS Iowa docked not a football field away from my front door. Cool or what… Regards all Shane

USS Iowa Decommissioned is now serving her country again, this time as a Naval Museum in her new home. Port O Call, The Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro California. I especially find this exciting since She is docked right outside my front door. I live in “Pedro” on the street adjacent to the Harbor and have always enjoyed watching the traffic travel in and out from ports around the world. Gazing at the magnificent display that came with the flotilla escorting the USS Iowa was great to add into the old memory banks for years to come. I applied as a Volunteer in the Iron Maintenance today just because I can do these skills. Union Ironworkers you know???
Anyway all. A little break from the Music Biz and here are some photos and Video clips I gathered up for sharing with anyone who wants to check it out…

PS. To the Michigan Bunch. I added a couple photos for you guys to grab for yourselves too. Should you wish anything here, then just get up on it and grab it Okay?




USS Iowa, San Pedro, California 2012
San Pedro has a classic floating American Museum

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