Indian John and the Heathen Psychos _ New OBrien Song

Indian John and the Heathen Psychos

This is a song written by Shane O’Brien in 2001 and became included in the album titled “King Me Baby” c2001. The single track that began the album called “Indian John and the Heathen Psychos” is a great story telling Biker song. From the very beginning a easily recognizable character is developed and very quickly become a center piece of a group of Brothers to the rescue type of operation and resolves with a secure feeling of who he is type of description.
A solo Shane O’Brien performance with an added track where by Shane played with 2 drum stick on a Pacific Bell yellow pages phone book for a percussion sound. This was recorded on his studio which at that time was a 33 foot sailboat docked in San Pedro Marina. There was a P A that filled the salon in that sloop rig vessel and the recording had been surrounded with patron of Ports O Call dancing on the docks during this recording. A sight to behold on the Warf’s for sure. “And the Battle is won… 1% of the whole”


A little inspiration to push on came in the studio by way of a chart stat from ReverbNation. It seems that we have placed ourselves with the top 100 Los Angeles bands in the Blues genre. Oh my…



"Blues Chart for Los Angeles at"
No.73 in the top 100 at ReverbNation in Blues Chart re Los Angeles
Amazing, Thrilling, an Honor to be and most of all
Thank You
Shane O’Brien