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Working to Play and Happy Holidays 2013

Working to Play and Happy Holidays 2013

Sounds a little Cliche but it’s very true in the case of this music artist Shane O’Brien,
Working to Play and Happy Holidays 2013“. Years ends are great times to take a look back at ones time spent to see if plans where followed through, new years resolutions kept, life’s pursuits have been chased rightly, business endeavors targeted as planned, love’s of our live’s guided correctly. Being that we are unique as individuals, for me I must also look back to see if my “Solid Gold Treasure Chest” collection of me writing my original music, started in 1977 to date, has had additions made and not allowed to stagnate. A spirit of life in my case if you will? I share a little of my looking back today via the links supplied withing these two paragraphs.
This look back in review is rich with lasting Friendships made, the best of Family support and the greatest Fan encouragements I could have ever imagined. I call the sum total of everything described as each contributing into my Pocket Full of Soul. A great name for this I believe as it shows appreciation and my grateful nature towards life as a whole. I wish the very best of the Holiday Season to my Family, Friends and Fans also be it a very safe one for all…

Rock out to this Music Player with a playlist some of my favorites:

Happy and Safe Holidays 2013 from Shane O'Brien
Happy Holidays 2013 from Shane O’Brien

New Years Eve Gig Announcement 12 31 2012

Hey There Y’all

Happiest and the safest of Holiday Greetings to all our Fans, Followers and most appreciated supporters of

O’Briens Edge Music and our Live Shows.

In the following Music Player, I’ve uploaded an early release of the audio portion of our Video we recently begun filming during the
final week of November 2012. Scheduled as part of the video footage are scenes throughout Los Angles and Hollywood.
Completion of that DVD work will be Summer of 2013.

The audio soundtrack sounded so exciting to me that I could not help but put it out there for all to enjoy along with us during our creative process.

Nothing like a Band’s live recording. It has that sincere warmth to it in quality. “What it is and how it sounds is exactly what you are” I like to say.

Performing together with Shane O’Brien on vocal and Guitar
is the 2012 family of musicians in O’Briens camp, known as the group O’Briens Edge.
They are as follows:

Field Monroe, Leed Guitar
Teo Manzella, Bass Guitar
Jerry Trebotic, Drums

Song Title “In The Big City” by Shane O’Brien

In The Big City MP3 _ Live in 2012 Shane O’Brien _2

Also of Noteworthy News:

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge has a show that is sure to satisfy everyone in attendance on the upcoming New Years Eve 2012.
Also performing for this big time party night is a South Bay band from San Pedro called “Freedom Outlaws”

You want to show up for this one early and plan to stay late. It’s going to be a riot with more special guest planned as well.

More on that soon…

Here’s another treat from the November 17th and 18th recording sessions at The Jungle Studio in San Pedro, CA. After O’Briens Edge did their Saturday full band recording a surprise came the very next day. Danny Timms pulled into town and stop by the studio. “What’s on deck?” he exclaims to Shane, and the next thing you know a few beautiful renditions of O’B’s music was laid to tracks. Here’s one of four tracks recorded on November 18th, 2012.

Remember, I Love You



New Tears Eve 2012 Celebration with Shane O'Brien and O'Briens Edge


Shane O’Brien 2012 New Years Eve Poster


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