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Looking Ahead by Shane O’Brien

Looking Ahead by Shane O’Brien

Looking Ahead for good things to come
Looking Ahead for good things to come

Is one of the earliest of the songs written and recorded during the days when the recording studio was actually a 33 foot sloop rig sailboat. The floating studio was then docked in the Los Angeles Harbor town of San Pedro, California. It quickly became known as the rocking-est boat in the harbor. Of the seven albums created in that era of Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge [known at that time as The Shame, Shame, Shame Blues Band] is the three CD collection titled “Solid Gold Treasure Chest  parts A, B and C“. Looking Ahead by Shane O’Brien is a track listed in Part A.
Listen To:
Looking Ahead

The accompanying photo is a shot of bike owned by Matt Schlieman an Ironworker Brother to Shane who had his second cousin “Grady” jump on board and get a handful. Reminiscent of a great future to come…

Another Couple Of cool Tracks  To Listen To:
You’ve Changed

In My Own Dream Too

Shane O’Brien busy creating new 2013 CD and Video

Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge these days in early 2013 are busy as can be either doing in studio sessions for a new CD to be made available at our Artist page at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ShaneOBrien in 2013. Also underway, we are completing shooting schedules for an accompanying Video.
As for the O’Briens Edge musicians, involved are members of several different Los Angeles based groups. The latest recording session which was done at Shane’s Jungle Studio occurred on Feb 26 2013. That session produced at least two and perhaps other new recordings. Musicians included are Paula O’Rourke on bass guitar {Alley Cats, Eric Burdon and the Animals}, Randy Stodola on guitar/vocals {Alley Cats}, Larry Valens on drums and Shane O’Brien on guitar and vocal.

Boy Toy Live 2013 Session Band

The Following Player features an advance listen to “Boy Toy Live 2013”

Boy Toy Live in 2013 by Shane O’Brien

Coming Soon is our newest CD release
Live in 2012 and 2013 and More to the Edge
Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

A Fan Supplied this Statement to Shane which he then took to heart forever
A Fan Supplied this Statement to Shane which he then took to heart forever


Featuring a wonderful cast of Friends who are what O’Briens Edge is all about

Field Monroe: Guitar
Teo Manzella: Bass Guitar
Jerry Trebotic: Drums
Danny Timms: Guitar
Larry Valens: Drums
Paula O’Rourke: Bass Guitar
Randy Stodola: Guitar and Vocal
Andy Allen: Bass Guitar
Carl John Bittman: Drums
Victor “Butch” Azevedo: Drums
Jimmy Solo: Keyboards, Bass Guitar


On and On dedicated to Don Haney


“Look for these fine musicians for their live shows”
as members of their regular bands

♥  The Daddyos: Field Monroe play’s mostly in the L A Harbor Cities
with this fine Rock Blues Dance Band. Crowd Pleaser’s Always
♥ Alley Cats: Paula O’Rourke and Randy Stodola play in a well respected punk band
anywhere in the South Bay areas of Los Angeles
♥ Eric Burdon and the Animals: Paula O’Rourke play’s great bass guitar in the 2006 Tour
which can been seen on you tube. Also as a solo artist www.paulaorourke.com
♥ Mike Watt: Jerry Trebotic, the American drummer, best known for his longtime association \
with veteran punk bassist/songwriter Mike Watt
Danny Timms performs solo shows as in Classic House Concerts
Also in several bands throughout many Oklahoma Communities.
Catch Danny on you tube as a member of the legendary Highwaymen,
great viewing and listening for sure, and he has CD’s available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannytimms
Victor “Butch” Azevedo performs as the drummer for the Spenser Davis Group these days
on Catalina Island in Avalon. They do Summer Concerts at the Casino there.
I hear through the grapevine that they are wonderful shows too
Jimmy Solo performs on about 10 CD’s created by Shane O’Brien.
Jimmy is currently in the best band ever and play’s regularly for the man himself
up in Heaven. It’s like “He got called up to Play in the Majors…”

Shane O’Brien:  Performs in the South Bay areas of Los Angeles
with his back up band O’Briens Edge.
Read, Hear and see about that guy all over this website.
The best read thought is at this Link

Listen to this Mp3 title “The Genuine One”
which is track No.11 from the Shane O’Brien CD titled
King Me, Baby ©2001

The Genuine One

Two CD’s available at cdbaby.com/artist/shaneobrien
“The Genuine One” and “Acoustic, Raw and Real”
also see his Web Site at
Best place to see Videos, Pictures and hear his latest hits

Coming Soon is our newest CD release
Live in 2012 and 2013 and More to the Edge
Shane O’Brien and O’Briens Edge

Here’s another three tracks for advance listening:
Remember the [Hint] given for the previous Mp3 player applies the the following 3 Mp3’s too

Just an Alley Cat featuring 2 Alley Cat members and Shane O’Brien live 2013 Live in 2012 and 2013 Mixed Compilation Shane O’Brien Original Blues Rock 857kbps

A Special Note From Shane about the final studio recording session

I gotta say for the record here: It was great to have Randy Stodola and Paula O’Rourke of the Alley Cats stop in and take the time to lay down some tracks with me last week. Alley Cats have a long standing history in the Los Angeles Punk scene. I invited these guys to come over to my Jungle Studio and they accepted no problem, right away as a matter of fact. I’m pretty sure they knew to expect nothing but original music, either from me or them, so the environment was set before they walked in that studio door. Professionalism? Not even needed to be explained! They are that and then some. Thank you again you guy’s, you have become solid members of this Jungle Studio musicians’ family and know that our photo has been included onto the crowded Jungle Studio walls.
That same thanks goes to South Bay Drummer Larry Valens who I don’t think knew exactly what to expect and went with the directions handed to him without question. Made things easy for us