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Our New Video Cut and Salute to Our Men and Women in Uniform

October 11th, 2011 | 3 Comments

 Respect is so well deserved for this entertainer extraordinaire. RIP

What’s Up With That
The acoustic/electric final production 2011
By Shane O’Brien
Directed by Edward Lapple

Look Forward to a Production insight by Shane O’Brien to be published right here soon…

Comment from Director Edward Lapple:

“What’s Up With That?” is a truly powerful blues/rock song, written and sung by Shane O’Brien. It is a salute to all US Veterans and an insightful question about how we honor them. This presentation starts out acoustically and then thunders into Shane and his band “O’Brien’s Edge” live at the Legendary Whisky a Go Go. Intermixed with the heart moving performance are iconic images which Shane picked to best reinforce the message of this song.
Shane has long been referred to as “The Genuine One” and “What’s Up With That?” on many different levels expresses his feeling about the way that our nation treats its true heroes and it challenges every one of us to consider “What’s Up With That?” Shane is a multiple award winning song-smith and this heartfelt presentation showcases him at his best, both as a story teller and a Rock and Roller. It has never been easy to express outrage at social injustice and, at the same time to make it Rock. With “What’s Up With That?” Shane joins the small group of artists who have pulled that rabbit out of their hats.

"Shane O'Brien uses Sound Kings USA custom tube amplifiers Exclusively"

Shane O'Brien uses Sound Kings USA custom tube amplifiers Exclusively

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