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Our New Video Cut and Salute to Our Men and Women in Uniform

October 11th, 2011

 Respect is so well deserved for this entertainer extraordinaire. RIP What’s Up With That The acoustic/electric final production 2011 By Shane O’Brien Directed by Edward Lapple Look Forward to a Production insight by Shane O’Brien to be published right here soon… Comment from Director Edward Lapple: “What’s Up With That?” is a truly powerful blues/rock […]


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Shane O’Brien Nominee re 20th Annual L A Music Awards

September 25th, 2010

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) – Part of the 20-year-old Los Angeles Music Awards tradition of holding great live events, the annual Voting Party, features all one hundred and twenty five nominees in twenty five musical categories along with their combined fan bases in attendance at one very big event. Almost one thousand artists and fans attended last year, making this year’s event even bigger. All paid entrants receive a ballot and a pen (or pencil) to mark their ballots. Attendees are encouraged to stay for the entire show and lend their ears and votes to all twenty five categories. There will be nine live LAMA Nominees performing four songs each. Votes will be tallied as ballots are returned from exiting patrons and the winners will be announced at midnight.
Vote For Nominated Artist Shane O’Brien as follows:
Americana, Blues & Roots Artist
1. Blues Gone South
2. Cathy Anne McClintock
3. Patti Rain
4. Shane O’Brien
5. Glenn Patrik


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